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Global Faith In Action

Global Faith In Action is a 501 ( c)( 3) non-profit organization.
“A World of Faith Living Together, Beyond Our Differences”

Mission: To assist families, congregations, communities, and nations live beyond our differences, in respectful presence of all through dialogue in action.

Vision: To help people of differing religious ideologies and faith practices focus on commonly held beliefs that are transformative and life-changing.

Goal: The 13th century Sufi poet wrote: “Beyond our differences, there is a field, I will meet you there.” Together we will find the field, and meet together in peace.

Global Faith in Action (GFIA) is an interfaith/intrafaith* “Dialogue in Action” emerging organization. We contend that religious “dialogue in action” is the bridge to the transformation of families, communities and our world. Today we live in a “global village”. Wichita, Kansas, home of Global Faith In Action, is one of the most diverse communities in the Midwest. People from all over the globe bring cross-cultural and religious practices to Wichita. Temples, mosques, synagogues, and churches dot our landscape. The same phenomenon has occurred throughout much of our world.

In response to our changing world, interfaith organizations are now found in many metropolitan and even rural areas of our globe. A multitude of methodologies for interfaith and intrafaith dialogue have been developed. Global Faith in Action has chosen to focus on a methodology we call “Dialogue in Action”. Our premise is that too often traditional methods of dialogue create awareness but seldom result in “action”, the kind of action that results in reconciliation, healing and the transformation of relationships. For this reason Global Faith In Action has chosen to design, consult, and practice the Dialogue in Action methodology.

Rev. Sam Muyskens, founder of Global Faith in Action has focused on the “Dialogue in Action” methodology for over 40 years. As a Minister of Music, Minister of Youth, Prison Chaplain, Senior Pastor, and Executive Director of Inter-Faith Ministries – Wichita, Rev. Sam has found that “action centered” dialogue is effective and transformative. He is quoted as saying, while recently attending a consultation with White House staff, “Dialogue in action is more than sharing our beliefs, even more than being respectful of differing religious beliefs – it is relationship building – it is life changing.” (visit Rumi under Video in the blog)

The 13th century Persian Sufi poet, Rumi, wrote “Beyond our differences, there is a field, I will meet you there”. It is Global Faith in Action’s mission to assist families, congregations, communities, and even countries experience the many “fields” that lie beyond our differences – fields of respect and mutual understanding. A field where people of differing religious ideology and faith practices can come together and focus on commonly held beliefs that are transformative and life changing, such as the golden rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” (Scarboro Mission Link)

Global Faith In Action will search for “fields” where we can meet and experience action. The “field” could be around your very dining room table, where visitors of differing religious practice would fellowship together and discuss what actions could be taken to create “fields” of hope, reconciliation and healing. The field could be a diverse group of persons traveling to Kenya, Turkey, home of the Sufi poet Rumi, or to Haiti, and experience community within the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. (Visit “travel” in the blog)

* An Interfaith/intrafaith organization is one that is not only fostering understanding between people of different religions, but equally important relations between the chasms of misunderstanding within a specific religion.