Haiti Alternative Spring Break 2014

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September 11, 2015
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Haiti Alternative Spring Break 2014


Haiti Trip volunteers work with Lambert community on landscaping project Spring, 2014.

Unification, hope and transformation are few of the words that come to mind when thinking of our most recent trip to Haiti this spring; unification of the Haitian and Wichita State students, hope for the Lambert community that continues to develop and the powerful transformation of our participants. This year we decided to start the first phase of a landscape project that consisted of our volunteers working alongside Haitian volunteers to build a patio in front of the main entrance to the Lambert Baptist Church. We sweat, laughed, ached and celebrated with each other when we saw the fruits of our labor at the end of the week.

haiti clinic

Alternative Spring Break Nursing Students Smile with the Doctor outside the Clinic.


We also provided free clinic days to members of the Lambert community thanks to the supervision of a U.S. doctor and nurse joined by WSU nursing students. Great gains were made in furthering the development of the clinic and looking at possible ways to prioritize the clinic’s purpose for the community.

Every year new volunteers sign up for the trip in order to make a difference in the lives of our Haitian brothers and sisters. What they end up realizing is that really, they are the ones that leave transformed. This past trip we have received heart-filled testimonies from many of our college participants overwhelmed at the impact Haiti had on their lives.

Circle roof haiti2014

Haiti Trip participants reflect and debrief on a hard days work.

Since the trip, I am constantly reminded of the special moments we shared this past spring in Haiti; whether it is something as simple as loading bricks into a wheelbarrow or relocating a never-ending pile of sand we did it together as a team. When I looked at the final outcome of the patio, I couldn’t help thinking about the endless possibilities and promise awaiting our next trip to Haiti. The work in Haiti is never done; there are always more volunteers that are in need of a transformation.



2014-03-21 Haiti 095

The finished product!


Volunteers flex there muscles on the job site.


















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