Haiti Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship

Elementary Sponsorship
By donating $15 a month or $180 a year, you can provide an education to an elementary aged student. 

Secondary Sponsorship

By donating $20 a month or $240 a year, you can provide an education for a secondary aged student.

For 24 years Global Faith In Action ASAP Haiti Education Project has begun the transformation of an illiterate and impoverished community. As a result, the people of Lambert have a school, computer technology lab, trained teachers, and a medical clinic with a doctor and lab technician. Consequently, the people of Lambert are healthier and more residents are literate, but the people still live in extreme poverty, 80% unemployed and still dependent upon our sponsorship program.
Your monthly donation will pay for one child uniform, one meal a day, and a valued education. We are proud of the education the students receive. Students from our school rank with the highest in the nation of Haiti. Why not decide today! Sponsor a child, or two or even three. It hardly seems possible, but children like these pictured above will have the gift of an education if you simply decide to spare $15 or $20 a month which equals $180 or $240 a year. Or a one time donation in any amount. 
You can change the life of a Haitian child born into one of the poorest households in the Western Hemisphere. Approximately 60% of the children in Haiti do not go to school. The families live on an average income of $180 a year.
Contact Us: sponsorship@globalfaithinaction.org