Haiti Volunteer in Mission Trip

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Haiti Volunteer in Mission Trip

Join Us On A

Haiti Volunteer in Mission Trip

October 14-22, 2011

If you have a desire to visit Haiti, meet some of the most cheerful, caring and spiritually centered people you will ever meet. If you would like to help build a school, teach in a school, help in the medical clinic, or simply share your life with some of the poorest people in the Western Hemisphere, now is your opportunity. Please to not think that you do not have anything to offer. Believe us, we have led many mission trips to Haiti and everyone always keeps busy!

What will you experience? You will experience “community” first-hand – people caring and struggling together. You will see and feel poverty like never before. You will not only ask the question “why so much poverty”, but you will begin to understand why. And most importantly, you will find yourself not only giving of yourself, but you will likely receive more than you can possibly give.

The cost is $1,500 per person. This includes transportation, lodging, meals, and fees. Approximately $400 of the cost is a donation towards the cost of materials such as medical supplies, and building materials we will use during our time in Haiti.

The following are some of our Mission Goals:

  • Complete construction and equip a computer technology lab.
  • Further construction of four classrooms.
  • Join a medical team that can treat patients at the clinic.
  • Assist teachers, particularly with subjects such as computer, English, playtime, etc.
Interested? Have some questions?

Contact: Sam Muyskens, he has been back and forth to Haiti some 24 times. He will be the coordinator of the “Volunteer in Mission Trip”, and he would love to visit with you. Email him at:


or call him at: 316-708-4545.

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