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January 16, 2015
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January 16, 2015

Help Sponsor Haiti Children

The children pictured above are healthy because they have U.S. sponsors who help them go to school. Each day at school they receive a healthy meal, along with a quality education. Their test scores rate amongst the highest in the country.

The mother (standing) and father (seated) in front of their home can only hope that their little boy will receive an education. They cannot afford to even pay the cost of one month’s tuition. In Haiti there are government public schools, but they only educate 5% of the population and are located far from this rural area. Will you help?

We are thankful for the Wichita Downtown Rotary Club who has helped us renovate an old building and transform it into a medical clinic located directly across the road from the Lambert Baptist Elementary and Secondary School. It is so important that students and their families receive medical care.

The medical clinic has a new doctor. Dr. Tony has recently completed his medical degree, and has chosen to return to the people and community that he loves and desires to serve. Tony is a doctor today because U.S. sponsors helped him receive his education. Pictured above from left to right is Dr. Tony, a visiting nurse from Minnesota, the resident school nurse, and a kindergarten student who is complaining of a tommy ache. Would you help sponsor another “Tony” – the community needs so much help.

Students who attend school learn what it takes to create healthy communities. Above is pictured a “dry latrine”. Several years ago, we built a girls and boys “dry” latrine on the campus of the Lambert Baptist School. The latrine is clean, and recycles the waste creating fertilizer – saving the underground water from being polluted. The latrine also includes a hand washing area. During the Cholera epidemic last year there were no diagnosed cases in this area of Haiti – perhaps because of the “hand washing” emphasis taught by Dr. Tony and the school teachers.

We are so proud to announce that the student you sponsor will no longer need to use this old fashioned latrine, which polluted the ground water and was simply unsanitary. The latrine was taken down and replaced with two “dry” latrines.

It is important that the child you sponsor will be prepared to compete in today’s “high tech” society. Pictured above is a two-room Computer Technology Lab that we are in the process of building. It is our plan to complete the building and equip the technology lab with 34 laptop computers, a satellite dish, and solar panels to provide enough electricity to power the computers.

Why not decide today! Sponsor a child, or two or even three. It hardly seems possible, but children like these pictured above will have the gift of an education if you simply decide to spare $15 a month, $180 a year.

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