Party Lines Cross as Summer Water Drive Continues for Homeless

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September 9, 2015
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September 11, 2015

Party Lines Cross as Summer Water Drive Continues for Homeless

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One thousand bottles of water donated by Culligan arrive at The Lord’s Diner–the first recipient of the drive. From left are Jonathan Flesher, GFIA; Senator Michael O’Donnell (R); Sam Muyskens, President of GFIA; Jan Haberly, Director of the Lord’s Diner; Senator Oletha Faust-Goudeau (D). (Photo Credit, Christopher Riggs, Catholic Advance.)


Kansas Senators Oletha Faust-Goudeau (D) and Michael O’Donnell (R) have joined forces with Wichita non-profit Global Faith In Action, Wichita Festivals Inc., Mead’s Corner and the Kansas Food Bank to conduct a bottled water drive to help the area homeless population.


Both Senators believe this type of community effort crosses party lines and creates unity in a vital way. “I have teamed with Senator Faust-Goudeau to work together in bi-partisan fashion to highlight the tremendous community we have. Poverty doesn’t have a political party,” said O’Donnell.


“When the community comes together on this level, great things happen. We all have a common bond in caring for one another,” added Faust-Goudeau.


The drive began the evening of the “Golden World Concert” (June 2), a first-time Riverfest event coordinated by Global Faith In Action. Only a small portion of the city heard about the drive in time to donate water, however, so the decision was made to continue efforts.


Moving into the hottest months of the summer, Senator O’Donnell says the decision to continue the drive is coming at the perfect time. “There are so many homeless in our community who are struggling to just survive. Temperatures this time of year always make things more difficult. This drive is a small way for us to take care of them with the most needed resource, water,” said O’Donnell. Senator O’Donnell also says the drive will help reduce costs that organizations serving the homeless might otherwise have. “Knowing there are many organizations dedicated to providing services to the homeless in Wichita, this drive will help them alleviate costs with a necessity like water.”


Senator Faust-Goudeau says endorsing the drive is something she values on a personal level. “I am honored to be apart of this effort and efforts like this. The homeless population has always been dear to my heart,” said Faust-Goudeau. Communities of faith, individuals, businesses and organizations are encouraged to participate in the drive. Cases of water can be dropped off at the Kansas Food Bank or Mead’s Corner during normal operating hours. They will be distributed to organizations serving the homeless throughout the summer.


lords diner water2

Lord’s Diner employees unload cases of water from Culligan Friday, July 11,From left are diocesan seminarian Jorge Lopez, Diner Operations Manager Larry Hare Jr., and Paul Cater, operations manager for The Lord’s Diner South location. (Photo Credit, Christopher Riggs, Catholic Advance.)


For more information contact:

Jonathan Flesher – Project Coordinator w/GFIA at 316-305-3535

Kansas Food Bank – Cargill Cares Complex
1919 E. Douglas, Wichita, Kansas 67211 Tel: 316-265-3663 
Fax: 316-265-9747

Mead’s Corner – 430 East Douglas, Wichita, Kansas 67202 Tel: 316-201-1900 Web:




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