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Sikh Temple Shootings

I grew up in a Sikh family attending the Gurudwara (God’s Doorway) Temple from a very young age. Equality, love and acceptance is the basis of the Sikh faith founded by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in the 15th Century. The Sikh Temple is open to all, and the kitchen (where a daily meal called “langaar”) is served and is free and open to any hungry person entering the temple. If the gunman, Michael Page, entered the Milwaukee Sikh temple wanting a meal that day, he would have been welcomed and served a hearty “langaar”.

Instead today we are served another portion of a gruesome reality – the news of the temple shooting which leaves 7 dead. In the aftermath we can examine the reasons for the shooting. As with any incident like this one there are always thoughts in my mind (and I’m sure others) about the shooter, “What type of person does this, and why? As the days pass we will hear more about the shooter, about his life style, etc. and then we return to our lives, still filled with many questions.

The only truth I know is this: If Michael Page would have gone to the temple needing help of any kind (food/shelter/warmth/prayer)…my Sikh brothers would have welcomed him and made him comfortable.

Surinder Moore

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