Sponsor a Child

Giving Children Education and Nutrition


For nearly ten years students have been sponsored through a program located in Kansas City. The Kansas City program

provided sponsorship for 200 students. We have recently learned that the organization can no longer support the several schools, including our school in Lambert. The school will lose the sponsorship of 200 students in January 1, 2010. It is our goal at Global Faith in Action to keep every student in school! Would you help?

The cost is $15 a month or $180 a year. You will be helping children of families who are the poorest households in the Western Hemisphere. If they do not have a sponsor they will not be able to go to school. The government provides public schooling for approximately one percent of the children in Haiti. Over 60% of the Haiti’s children do not go to school. Your $15 a month will pay for the child’s uniform, one meal, and a valued education. We are proud of the education they receive, students from our school rank with the highest in the nation of Haiti.




Give a child hope and a future for just $15 a month. Sponsor a child.