The Golden Rule Workshops

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September 1, 2015
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September 6, 2015

The Golden Rule Workshops

I posted three articles on Psychology Today since the last newsletter. Before I describe them, I am continuing my tradition of recommending the free and simple Moment of Silence program for schools, promoted by my friend, Avraham Frank. To learn why it is effective, read: A Moment of Silence: A Simple Way to Improve Schools/Society. If you need help implementing it, Mr. Frank will guide you for free. I am also making it a tradition to recommend Let Grow, the organization founded by Lenore Skenazy, author of Free Range Kids. She is making phenomenal progress in getting society to return to children the freedom they need to grow up happy, resilient and competent. You can join her at Now, about my latest Psychology Today articles.


What would the world be like if everyone lived according to the Golden Rule?






Global Faith In Action will be partnering with the Scarboro Mission Society of Toronto, conducting Golden Rule Workshops in Kansas. The society has developed a workshop designed to work with expressions of the Golden Rule found in the holy writings of 13 faith traditions.
The workshop has been tested in a number of environments and consistently generates great enthusiasm, reflection and discussion. Also, because the Golden Rule crosses so many traditions and philosophies, it possesses tremendous moral authority and creates a common bond among the religions of our world ” plan to participate! Check our website for updates“ more information about this and other upcoming events.

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