Truly, an Amazing Faiths Dinner Dialogue

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April 15, 2015
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April 17, 2015

Truly, an Amazing Faiths Dinner Dialogue

Letter to the editor:

On Nov 4, I was one of 130 people in Wichita who attended an “Amazing Faiths Dinner Dialogue” sponsored by Global Faith in Action At each host home, around tables with 8 individuals of varying faith and non-faith traditions, we made new friends, listened (really listened!) to responses on various sets of questions that could have been answered by anyone sitting at the table. While eating a simple dinner provided by the host, each of us spoke from our hearts for 5 uninterrupted minutes in response to our questions which were drawn at random. A trained moderator ensured everyone was comfortable and kept the conversation moving on schedule. After a short break and while enjoying dessert, we each had 3 minutes, again uninterrupted, to share what we were taking away from the amazing dialogue we had just experienced from our new-found friends. Finally, the table was open for conversation – and we were all eager to learn more about each person personally and the connections many of us had – but didn’t know it until after dinner.

I was hesitant to be part of this historic event, but am so grateful I was. At my table were a Muslim, a Jew, someone who was not affiliated with any specific religion, Christians of different faith traditions including Catholic. I learned something from each one of them and my mind was opened and challenged during what was truly an “Amazing Faiths Dinner Dialogue.” It is my hope that there will be another opportunity to participate in a follow-up dinner. If you’re invited to be part of it, you will be glad you said “yes”!

Geri Appel

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