What Happened At The Golden Rule Adult Retreat?

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What Happened At The Golden Rule Adult Retreat?

Event was held on
Tuesday, March 8, 2011
6:00-9:30 p.m.
Lorraine Ave. Mennonite Church
Wichita, Kansas 67211

The purpose of the Golden Rule Adult Retreat was to provide adults a Golden Rule experience that could be integrated into their home, work, and community environments. The retreat focused on the commonalities of world faith traditions, while respecting their uniqueness. The Golden Rule is often thought of as a rule for individuals and the retreat will challenged each person to consider how he or she would wish to be treated when deciding how to treat others. However, our changing world invites us to broaden this rule to groups of people and society as a whole. The Golden Rule may be the best guide we have for bringing all of the world’s people together in peace.

Sensitive, Caring Facilitator, Katie Marshall Flaherty, from Toronto, Canada, was the facilitator. In addition to the many Golden Rule retreats that Katie has led, she is also an award-winning poet, yoga and meditation instructor, and founding member of the Children’s Peace Theatre. She has had four books of poetry published, and has poems in several international anthologies. She also leads “Meditation and Mindfulness” days at the University of Toronto, as well as serving as a guide for “Writing as a Spiritual Practice” for the League of Canadian Poets.

By the conclusion of the four hour retreat you will be equipped to facilitate a “Mini Golden Rule Experience” (30-90 minute experience). You will be encouraged to share a “Mini Golden Rule Experience” with your congregation, business, staff, youth group, school, church school class, or any group that would be interested in furthering their understanding of the Golden Rule.

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