Will You Help Us Reach Our Goal of Sending 160 Children to the Lambert School?

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Will You Help Us Reach Our Goal of Sending 160 Children to the Lambert School?

Will You Help?

will you help?

Our hearts have been heavy this fall at Global Faith In Action. There are hundreds of children in Lambert, Haiti, who want to go to school. There are teachers waiting to teach, but students are not getting registered. Rather, they are on waiting lists. They are waiting for people like you and me to help them pay the small tuition of $15 a month.

Our hearts are heavy for them. For 19 years, Kansans have brought hope and a future to thousands of Haitian children – and we continue to do so. Families are struggling more than ever right now, for two months they have had no rain and the first rain came in the form of a hurricane!
Today, many parents are struggling more than ever to just feed their children – they do not have the $15 a month to pay for tuition fees. Will you help?




Today, many of the poor, malnourished children of Lambert are only able to dream about someday being able to attend the school they walk by nearly every day. They pass it to fetch water or play with their homemade toys composed of twigs and stones and waste.

Will you help us reach our goal of sending 160 children to the Lambert School? Only $15 a month, or $180 a year. 100% of your contribution goes to help the children of Lambert, Haiti get an education, we subtract no administration fees.

When the child you sponsor enters school that first day, they will proudly wear a uniform made by the Lambert Baptist Church women, and they will have a backpack given to them by people from Kansas who care. They will likely come that first day with red hair, a sure sign that they are malnourished – but that will not last for long. As part of the tuition cost, the child you sponsor will receive a nutritious school meal. And within a few months, their hair will be jet black – the color of a well nourished child ready to learn and grow into the person God created them to be.


Please don’t wait. That child you are about to sponsor needs to be in school. You can register right now by clicking on this link to submit your donation.



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