One on One with Victor Hogstrom: Sam Muyskens

Global Faith in Action founder Sam Muyskens discusses growing up in a musical family that performed across the country. He also explains the importance of religious understanding and helping the less fortunate.

The members of the California Interfaith Association include interfaith groups and diverse faith traditions within California. We are committed to our Mission Statement and continue to seek new and unique ways to educate and serve our communities and state. We believe diverse faith traditions in our communities and state add to the richness of life. When we meet and learn more about those who have faith traditions other than our own, we find many more similarities than differences.

For example, every faith tradition’s holy books teach something similar to “love your neighbor as yourself.” We support a culture of Interfaith dialogue and inter-Religious cooperation as a way of life in all communities throughout California and beyond.
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2019 Dinner Dialogues -Have you ever wanted to know about another culture, religion or race but were afraid to ask? We have the perfect place for you to learn about people from different cultures, ethnic backgrounds and beliefs in a safe friendly environment.

Beyond Tolerance is hosting another dinner dialogue event, details coming soon. Dinners are held in host homes with 8-10 dinner participants gathering to share a simple meal and engaging in a moderated dialog. If you have attended before we look forward to you attending again. If this is you first time, welcome to a heart warming and learning experience.

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