Global Faith in Action (GFIA) is a Dialogue in Action organization. We contend that a healthy dialogue is a bridge to the transformation of families, communities and our world. Why? Because dialogue is not a debate! In a debate there is a winner and a loser. A good dialogue builds relationships with an open conversation that brings us together. When we can come together we are all winners. Today we live in a global village, Wichita, Kansas is one of the most diverse communities in the Midwest. People from all over the globe bring cross-cultural and religious practices to Wichita. Temples, mosques, synagogues, and churches dot our landscape. It is GFIA’s mission to assist families, congregations, and communities as they come together and focus on commonly held beliefs that are trans-formative and life changing. The golden rule “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is one of these examples. We are thankful to live in a town where the religious, governmental, educational, and business leaders are proud of the diverse community we live in. May we all work together!

Global Faith in Action November 2018 Haiti Trip

Picture1 HAITI

The people of Haiti and their vision for 2019! The Lambert Community has changed from “how do we make it another day” to “we have a vision”! This could not be happening without your help! Haiti is in need of help! As we share the Lambert Community Center vision, Haiti roads are barricaded, schools are closed, and all across the country there is political unrest. But nothing has stopped the Lambert Community Center from getting the job done. Approximately 90-100 unemployed well educated young adults live in the Lambert Community. They volunteer their time planting gardens, singing in choirs, and assisting in community research. Still others are either teaching in surrounding schools, staffing our medical clinic, or are construction volunteers. The Lambert Community has the possibility of becoming a sustainable beacon of success for Haiti. In 2019 community education will be the focus. The Secondary School building will host a new Vocational School. It will start with teaching farmers agriculture techniques and community preventative medicine. Adults of all ages will be taught how to become “Community Health Agents”. They will climb the mountains and reach out to families that doctors and nurses seldom see.

One on One with Victor Hogstrom: Sam Muyskens

Global Faith in Action founder Sam Muyskens discusses growing up in a musical family that performed across the country. He also explains the importance of religious understanding and helping the less fortunate.


The members of the California Interfaith Association include interfaith groups and diverse faith traditions within California. We are committed to our Mission Statement and continue to seek new and unique ways to educate and serve our communities and state. We believe diverse faith traditions in our communities and state add to the richness of life. When we meet and learn more about those who have faith traditions other than our own, we find many more similarities than differences.

For example, every faith tradition’s holy books teach something similar to “love your neighbor as yourself.” We support a culture of Interfaith dialogue and inter-Religious cooperation as a way of life in all communities throughout California and beyond.
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