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We invite you to join us in our upcoming events

During this time of uncertainty and separation we want to help. If your congregation has online services, classes or other offerings send them to us at gfianow@gmail.com attention Online Resources. We will then put these on our websites and social media pages. We understand isolation can be difficult for some but together we will get though this and come out stronger as a community. Stay safe and take care of each other and yourself.

Covenant Presbyterian Church will be doing Facebook (Covenant Presbyterian Church of Wichita, KS) Live Worship Services on Monday, Thursday at 7PM, Good Friday at & 7PM, Easter Services at 7:30AM and 10AM.

University Congregational is streaming live at 10:30 am on Sunday at ucchurch.org and on our FaceBook page. It is saved to view at anytime on those locations also.

Congregation Emanu-El is offering online Friday night service at 7:00 pm and Saturday morning services at 10:00 am

2020 Spring Dinner Dialogue Event

We had another successful event thanks to our Wichita community

The Dinner Dialogues provide an opportunity for people to meet people of other traditions, share their experiences, listen to the sharing of others and converse about matters of faith, ethnicity, and community topics in a safe, controlled environment.. Each year Global Faith in Action works hard to bring people from different backgrounds together to have a dialogue event. This will be our 11th year of hosting the Dinner Dialogue. We hope that you will come out ant learn about others in your community you may other wise not have a chance to meet.

For questions contact Maria at 316.269.0635

An interview with our Founder

One on One with Victor Hogstrom: Sam Muyskens

Global Faith in Action founder Sam Muyskens discusses growing up in a musical family that performed across the country. He also explains the importance of religious understanding and helping the less fortunate.
Global Faith in Action (GFIA) is a Dialogue in Action organization. We contend that a healthy dialogue is a bridge to the transformation of families, communities and our world. Why? Because dialogue is not a debate! In a debate there is a winner and a loser. A good dialogue builds relationships with an open conversation that brings us together. When we can come together we are all winners. Today we live in a global village, Wichita, Kansas is one of the most diverse communities in the Midwest. People from all over the globe bring cross-cultural and religious practices to Wichita.

Temples, mosques, synagogues, and churches dot our landscape. It is GFIA’s mission to assist families, congregations, and communities as they come together and focus on commonly held beliefs that are trans-formative and life changing. The golden rule “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is one of these examples. We are thankful to live in a town where the religious, governmental, educational, and business leaders are proud of the diverse community we live in. May we all work together!

How to Change Lives in Haiti

By donating $15 for elementary or $20 for secondary, you can change the life of a Haitian child born into one of the poorest households in the Western Hemisphere. Over 60% of the children in Haiti do not go to school.

We have been helping Haitian children go to school for 22 years. We can show you example after example how $15 or $20 a month has enabled children to become doctors, nurses, school teachers, and business people in Haiti.

Yes, 98% of the children we help remain in Haiti, and help their country grow and expand their educational system. Your $15 or $20 a month will pay for the child’s uniform, one meal, and a valued education. We are proud of the education the students receive. Students from our school rank with the highest in the nation of Haiti.

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